Have You Lost Your Job? Here Are Some Online Alternatives to Try

By Clifford Moore posted 01-30-2021 17:32


Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic. As a consequence, they may be scrambling to find new ways to earn an income. People are trying to make sense of their new, unpredictable reality and are being forced to find new ways to make money online. Some flexibility and creativity is usually necessary to adapt and find alternatives to traditional occupations. 

Online tutoring

If you have a bachelor’s degree and the right experience, you could earn money as an online tutor. There are a number of online tutoring apps that give you a way to make money and even launch a new full-time career. You are not limited to what you can teach – it can be anything from crafting, cooking, DIY projects and fitness to more traditional school subjects. 

Many companies are also looking for teachers to teach English as a second language (ESL) to students in countries like China. Teaching and tutoring are easy to do from home with Zoom and other video chat technology. 


Consulting is an extremely diverse field and wherever your skills and interests lie, you may be able to start a consulting business. This may be in fields such as business, law, politics or marketing. To do this, you will need to set up a website and use SEO techniques to find new clients. 

Kansas City web design will help you set up a well-designed website to attract top quality clients with a structure that contributes to your on-page SEO. These clients will be willing to pay for your expertise in a specific industry. 

Online beauty consultations

Many beauticians have been laid off thanks to the pandemic and some of them have now begun offering virtual consultations. If you offer virtual consultations, you can charge an hourly fee and you will have no shortage of clients if you set up a website and establish a strong online presence. 

As a beautician, you can even become an affiliate marketer and recommend affordable products you know work well to your clients. Using the right SEO tactics ensures you can always get new clients. If you’re looking for online SEO courses to improve your knowledge, you can benefit from the information offered by SEO for Growth. 

Virtual fitness classes

Many fitness instructors have also lost their jobs. Fortunately, they are still able to conduct classes online. This means finding ways to stream classes which is not difficult today thanks to new technology. If fitness instructors want to make a good income online, they need to do more than just stream classes for existing clients, although this is a good start. 

To gain new clients, it is best if they develop their presence on social media. Fitness instructors can monetize their videos by charging a subscription fee or offering paying customers password-protected content. 

Selling handmade products

If you have lost your job and you have a hobby, you need to think about making money from it. This will require setting up an online shop. If this intimidates you, you need to realize that it is not difficult at all today with platforms where you can set up a shop in a matter of minutes. 

You don’t need to have any coding skills or design knowledge. There are many platforms where it is easy to create a new shop and new product listings. Whether you make ceramic pots, jewelry or watercolor art, you can start selling your products online and turn a pastime into a way to make money.