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NAEA National Convention

2023 NAEA National Convention

Save the date for the largest gathering of visual arts, design, and media arts educators in the world! Join us for the 2032 NAEA National Convention happening April 13–15, 2023 in San Antonio, TX. Engage in hundreds of options for professional learning, connectivity, creativity, and inspiration!

Professional Learning Webinars

Empowering Students Through Project-Based Learning

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 | 7-8pm ET

FREE for NAEA Members; $49 for non-members

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If you’ve always wondered how to make art class important for the kids who don’t love to draw, this webinar is for you! Join three art educators and project-based learning (PBL) leaders from the DC metro area to explore PBL and why it is getting so much attention globally! Discover how PBL provides engaging opportunities for students to build real-world skills and learn content by focusing deeply on personal response, identity, and community impact. Learn why “doing art projects” doesn’t mean doing “PBL,” and gain easy, actionable steps to revise current projects to increase authenticity, engagement, and long-term impact—the starting points of PBL.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Art Museums

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 | 7-8pm ET

FREE for NAEA Members; $49 for non-members

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Join us for reflection on the trajectory of art museums in making authentic change in the realm of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Art museum educators have a unique opportunity and responsibility to foster meaningful, inclusive, and accessible learning experiences for K–12 learners. To enact this work, they continuously strive to deepen their understanding of the identities and needs of a diverse set of learners, prioritizing the needs of those who have traditionally felt the museum was not a place for them. In response, art museum educators have become very intentional about what (i.e., which artworks and which narratives related to them), how (i.e., the pedagogy), and who is involved in teaching, as well as how to approach and nurture relationships with schools. Museum educators are also committed to a continual process of reflection on and disruption of the ways that white supremacy culture informs the work they do with staff—including hiring, management, mentorship, team building, and retention.