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    ------------------------------ Debra S. Pylypiw, EdD AET Chair Art Instructor, White Oak High School, Jacksonville, NC CEO, Pylstone, LLC dpylypiw@ec.rr.com https://debra-pylypiw.squarespace.com/ ------------------------------

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    Looking forward to reading this! Thank you! ------------------------------ Gia Greer Montreal QC ------------------------------

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    Colleagues, We are pleased to announce the release of Volume 36(1) of the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education , with the mini-theme "Whiteness and Art Education" (2019) . https://jcrae.art.arizona.edu/index.php/jcrae/issue/view/13 ...

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    Be part of our rise! Detroit Public Schools Community District is seeking applicants for our K-8 art programs. Our students participate in incredible project making driven by our teacher-written curriculum, annual Art Exhibition at the DIA, and Scholastics. ...

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    We would definitely meet online! So far people all over the country have responded. I will be able to host via zoom through my institution. My plan is to send out a doodle poll to all interested participants and set a standard day/time each month (i.e.) ...

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